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We know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to multilingual projects, and that's why we tailor our high‑quality translation and language services to your requirements. No matter what you need or the sector you're working in, for our experienced teams of in‑house and in‑country transcribers, translators, interpreters and other linguists, the emphasis is always on quality. We translate from major European Languages to all African languages and all Kenyan dialects.

Translations has developed a specialized division dedicated to handling all types of multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing /lip syncing and voice-overs. One of the core multimedia translation services is subtitling.

Almost every form of video requires subtitling in multiple languages. International markets are of critical importance for the success of educational and entertainment video content, thus subtitling is an essential part of reaching these international markets.

Voice-Over multimedia translation services are commonly used in video productions to replace audio content not spoken by an actor in a particular scene. Documentaries commonly use voice-overs, as there is usually a voice in the background describing a scene. Voice-over services do not require the precision involved in dubbing or subtitling; however, they still need to follow a time sequence. This requires the proper equipment and expertise. At Trusted Translations, we have years of experience providing voice-over services and will work with your .
Dubbing is widely used in markets where subtitling doesn't fully accomplish the producers' objectives and is a more universal method of converting video productions for international markets. Many companies prefer dubbing as it more closely reflects the experience of the original production. In order for video content to be properly dubbed, the dialogue must be translated by a team of experts in this area to ensure that the translated text, once spoken, will match the lips of the original actor. Trusted Translations has dubbed thousands of hours of video content. We are currently doing Swahili, Luganda, French, Amharic, Somali among other languages.
Lip Synchronization (Sync), used synonymously with dubbing, is a process where the insertion of audio attempts to match the lip movements of the original actors. This process is critical in many feature length films as it helps the audience better understand the content and create the illusion that the content was originally filmed in the dubbed language. Lip Syncing and Dubbing go hand in hand as it is critical to match the re-recorded audio with the lips of the live actors or animation. .
We provide a text counterpart for every type of audio and video recording our customers can produce. We provide reliable transcription services to our customers so they can keep focusing on what matters to them; their own businesses and lives.


We never stop pushing forward. Our future growth plan focuses on continued growth of internal departments and further company expansion into new markets,