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Urban African Dubbing

Founded in 2013, Urban African Dubbing was formed in the mind of sound translation and transcription offering diverse services in the field of sound, film and music production. Thanks to our location in the world-class city of Nairobi, Syokimau. Our team of specialist expert translators, cast, directors and creative designers, along with our audio professionals,we ensure authentically localized content that meets the required Standards every time. And with studio capacity to localise large volumes of content into multiple languages simultaneously, we help our clients to broadcast high quality content quickly and affordably. Having worked with top companies in both the media and entertainment industries, Trusted Translations, has developed unique expertise in multimedia translations.

The need for high-quality multimedia translations is a must for the entertainment and media industry. Furthermore, multinational corporations and government organizations are relying more and more on multimedia platforms to train and educate their target audiences. Trusted Translations has developed a specialized division dedicated to handling all types of multimedia translation services, including subtitling, dubbing /lip syncing and voice-overs. One of the core multimedia translation services is subtitling. Almost every form of video requires subtitling in multiple languages. International markets are of critical importance for the success of educational and entertainment video content, thus subtitling is an essential part of reaching these international markets.

Our Project Quality Guidelines:
  • In house quality assurance translation teams.
  • Secure client portal, with 24/7 access.
  • Secure, confidential and trusted with 'ISO 27001 Information .
  • Staff development programmes with the ethos of continuous improvement.
  • 'ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems' accredited.
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